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List of songs playables on this page:

01 - goutetsuji ichizoku title.vgz02 - 100 yen prayer (demo bgm).vgz03 - takavision (player select).vgz04 - connected here (map screen).vgz05 - opening orchestra hit (vs screen).vgz06 - become a hero (keith wayne theme).vgz07 - amiyan tribe tatanka dance (white buffalo theme).vgz08 - day of killer (angela belti theme).vgz09 - winner march (winner screen).vgz10 - melody of the intimate kick (bonus game).vgz11 - gust (thin nen theme).vgz12 - man of the karate way (reiji oyama theme).vgz13 - live to love (annie hamilton theme).vgz14 - jon jon gara gara (hattori saizo theme).vgz15 - graveyard spring (otane theme).vgz16 - dna of a massacre (oume demo).vgz17 - destroy the time of worry (oume theme).vgz18 - chime of regret (oume defeat).vgz19 - whatever future (ending theme).vgz20 - gouketsuji march (staff roll).vgz21 - game over.vgz