Golden Oldies I

Phillips CD-i disc published 26 years ago by SPC Vision

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Golden Oldies I © 1997 SPC Vision.

Here are two classic games in a new version, Guardian and Invaders.

GUARDIAN: You have to defeat the planet full of humanoids from an alien invasion. You control a small fighter armed with a laser and smart bombs. Fly across the scrolling surface of the planet and take out the aliens. Some of these aliens will abduct the humanoids and carry them to the top of the screen where humanoid and alien will transform into a horrible mutant that will come after your ship. Other aliens just bother you, there are mine layers, hunters, tanks, and others. Clear one wave of enemies and you will progress to the next level. There are seven levels in total. If all the men are killed, the planet will disintegrate, leaving you in outer space with nothing but raving mutants for company...

INVADERS: This is a classic. Move the ship left to right with the controller and fire missiles at the invaders at the top of the screen. Shoot all of them and you will go to the next level. Get hit by a bomb, you die. If the invaders hit the ground or you lose all your lives, the game is over.


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