Golden Monkey [Video Slot]

Slot Machine published 13 years ago by Bally Gaming, Inc.

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Golden Monkey © 2007 Bally Gaming.

Game Kit #116997: ALPHA Elite V20
Game Kit #116999: C9K
SMI #Y0714
Min/Max %: 83.02/88.06

SMI #Y0715
Min/Max %: 85.44/90.00

SMI #Y0716
Min/Max %: 88.00/92.04

SMI #Y0717
Min/Max %: 90.47/94.02

SMI #Y0718
Min/Max %: 92.89/95.96
* Progressive Options (must be enabled):
100,000 credits x denomination.
10,000 credits x denomination.
5,000 credits x denomination.
2,000 credits x denomination.
500 credits x denomination.

* Bonus Reel: When a bonus symbol appears on an active payline with a winning combination on the first four reels of that payline, that winning combination is enhanced as follows:
5x symbol: Pays five times winning combination.
3x symbol: Pays three times winning combination.
2x symbol: Pays two times winning combination.
100 Pay symbol: Pays 100 times line bet plus winning combination.
25 Pay symbol: Pays 25 times line bet plus winning combination.
10 Pay symbol: Pays 10 times line bet plus winning combination.

* Save and Win Progressive Feature: When the Golden Monkey symbol appears on the 5th reel with maximum credits bet, the player advances one step toward the Save and Win Progressive Feature.
3 Golden Monkey symbols: 1200 credits or save.
6 Golden Monkey symbols: 2500 credits or save.
10 Golden Monkey symbols: 1 of 5 progressive jackpots.
* Golden Monkey symbol appears every 16.7 plays.

* Progressive feature occurs every 167 plays.

* Odds to jackpot (25 lines played): 33,333

* Free Games Bonus Feature: Occurs every 84 plays with 25 lines played.

* Overall Hit Frequency: 50.68%
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