Golden Island

A 14-year-old Slot Machine by Webak Elektronik

Not emulated in MAME


Golden Island © 2004 Webak Elektronik.

The game has got a random number generator, which controls the game and presents it as a 5-reel 5-line game. Different combinations of the reel-symbols lead to winnings according to the amounts of the winning plan. The bet per game is 1 - 100 points (in steps of 1). The bet per line is 1 - 20 points. The bets will be taken off the existing credit at the start of the game. With the button "Start" all symbol reels are started at the same time and are stopped one after another. The win is calculated according to the actual scores of the reels and can be looked up in the winnings table. Should there be a win situation the winnings are automatically added to the credit. The game has got additional-game features like Treasure Bonus or Win Chaser Bonus.


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