Golden Axe [Model TJCD0005]

NEC PC-Engine CD published 33 years ago by Telenet Japan

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Golden Axe © 1990 Telenet Japan.

Golden Axe is a side scrolling beat'em up by Telenet and conversion of Sega's popular arcade game. The evil lord Death Adder has come to threaten the peaceful land of Yuria. He now holds the king and his daughter captive in his castle, as well as the legendary Golden Axe which he intends to destroy if the people of Yuria don't crown him as the ruler of the country. Three warriors (also on a promise of personal revenge) set out on a long journey to defeat Death Adder and his motley army of mercenaries and undead monsters. Each fighter comes with a signature weapon and fighting techniques: Ax Battler is a muscular barbarian wielding a two-handed heavy sword, Tyris Flare is the only female of the group and carries a long-sword and Gilius Thunderhead is a dwarf armed with a sleek double axe. Each hero can also summon elementals to the party's aid - Ax posses the powers of the Earth, Tyris the powers of the Fire and Gilius the powers of the Lightning - and the more magic potions they collect and use, the more destructive the magic spells become. Another unique twist of Golden Axe is the ability given to the players to ride beasts, as long as their original owner can adequately be knocked off their ride first. All the rideable beasts come with special attacks, some use simple tail whips whereas others can breathe jets of fire. Golden Axe consists of eight stages but is single-player only.

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Game ID: TJCD0005


Golden Axe for PCE CD was released on March 10, 1990 in Japan for 6780 Yen.

The original Golden Axe arcade game was released by Sega in 1989.

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Game's ROM.
Game's description by Laurent Kermel; http://www.videogameden.com