Gold of the Empire

Slot Machine published 17 years ago by Gaming Technologies

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Gold of the Empire screenshot

Gold of the Empire © 2006 Gaming Technologies.

This 5-reel video slot with 21 winning lines takes you to Ancient Rome. Here you will try out your hazardous instinct while betting on Horse races, winning free games or competing for four jackpots simultaneously. Come to this fabulous world and feel the atmosphere of the golden Rome Empire!


Gaming board Pluto 6 DV
Two video cards


* Double-up game, 'Beat the dealer' : 5 playing cards appear on the screen. The card on the left is the dealer's card. The player selects one of the remaining 4 cards. If the player's card has a higher value than the dealer’s the win is doubled and the player can play the double-up game again. If the selected card is equal in value to the dealer's nothing changes and the sum remains the same; if the player’s card has a lower value he loses his win and returns to the main game.

* Free games : Two winning symbols appearing on the screen trigger the 'Free games' bonus. The number of the free games is equal to the sum of the figures shown on the 'sword-arrows'. Each free game is paying. The minimum winning is the total bet. If the winning symbols appear once again during this bonus game the number of the free games will be increased with the numbers written on the 'swords-arrows'.

* 'Horse racing' bonus game : 3 winning symbols appearing on the screen activate the 'Horse racing' bonus. The player chooses among 5 horses. The race begins with the selection of a horse. When it is over the player gets certain prize, depending on his horse final position. If his horse is among the first three horses the player has the chance to play on the next level, betting on a new horse. After each level the prizes are summed up. The total number of the levels is 3 and the maximum award is 330 times the total bet.

* Scatter : The game is activated when 3, 4 or 5 scatters appear on the screen. The task of the player is to select one of the dogs, digging gold. The won prize is shown on the screen. The player may play the double-up game or collect the winning in his credit. All prizes are dependant on the winning line and the total bet. Total bet x 200 = Max winning

* Beat the Wall for Lucky 4 Cash Jackpot : This is Bonus game for 4 level Progressive Jackpot 'Lucky 4 Cash' and is randomly activated. The player must break 25 pieces of an wall, each one giving certain number of scores, that are summarized together.
When 'Collect' symbol is opened the game is over.
The jackpot won during the game depends on the total number of the player's scores :
From 0 to 34 – Bronze
From 35 to 64 – Silver
From 65 to 99 – Gold
100 – Platinum
The winning is automatically added to the player's credit.