Gold Fever

A Slot Machine by Belatra

Gold Fever screenshot

Not emulated in MAME


Gold Fever © 200? Belatra.


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Risk Game : In the risk-game Joe can grow as rich as to part with all dreams about the mythical gold and gold mining, or he can face a total crush. Five cards are distributed, the first one gets opened. One should guess which card from the closed ones is of the higher rank than the open one. In case the card chosen by the gambler turns out to be the Joker the win is multiplied by four.

Bonus Game : The Bonus starts when the cards opened in the Risk Game come as the combination 3 OF A KIND or higher. Five closed doors appear on the screen, with the cowboys hiding behind them. Some of them have nothing in their hands, some carry money sacks, the rest are armed. The high roller should guess behind what doors the cowboys with money sacks are hiding. In case the door opens and Joe sees the armed cowboy, poor Joe is disgracefully shot by the drunk American herder and sinks into oblivion. If the choice was lucky Joe can keep on fooling the town for money when playing poker.