Godzilla - Bakutou Retsuden [Model TCCD4001]

A 24-year-old NEC PC-Engine CD Game by Toho

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Godzilla - Bakutou Retsuden © 1994 Toho Company, Limited.

Godzilla is a fighting game where you take control of the ultra-famous green giant-lizard Godzilla. From the beginning, you can choose from Easy, Normal and Hard modes. Then you pick your opponent from a list of two, but this will depend of the amount of points you have collected, greater are your points, and more choices will be available for the last stages. Of cource, a two players option is also available and you will be able to pick characters defeated during the one player mode.


Game ID: TCCD4001


Godzilla was released on February 26, 1994 in Japan for 8200 Yen.
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Game's CD.
Game's description by Laurent Kermel; http://www.videogameden.com