Glacier Patrol [Model 5667 A106]

A 29-year-old Atari 2600 Cart. by Telegames, Inc.

Emulated in MAME !

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Glacier Patrol © 1989 Telegames

Night has fallen over the North Pole and you are on guard duty. A mysterious Aquafreze craft glows in the sky and you realize the beings directing the craft are not friendly, when they begin dropping what appear to be large ice blocks, which in reality are semi-intelligent invasion devices. These devices are attempting to build a protective wall to shield the invaders' advance. You perceive the danger to the Earth if the wall is completed. You quickly draw your heat ray pistol and begin Earth's final defense.

As you desperately melt the invasion devices, you realize that as you try to run under the ice wall, your bio-chemical reactions are inhibited, which causes you to slow down.

When you were sent to polar station Freedom, you thought a cold war was propaganda; how wrong you were. Can you hold out till the sun comes up?


Model 5667 A106


Programmer: Ed Salvo

Game's ROM.