Arcade Video game published by Cal Omega

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Gin! © 198? Cal Omega.

It's here... 'Gin!' The gale that is popular in every card playing household in America is now available in coin-op video form. Gin players love it! Those who have never played it before learn immediatly with Cal Omega's step-by-step video screen instructuions. 11 cards are dealt with 1 card fashing. The fashing feature is transferred to any other face up card on display by using the 'Left' or 'Right' buttons, then the 'Discard' button is pressed to discard that particular card. To win with a 'Gin', the player must 'meld' all 11 or 10 cards. A low 'knock count' also produces a win. The win table is in constant display at the lower left corner of the video screen and changes with each discard to display knock count, discards used and earned points.
Housed in a 'The Derringer' cabinet.
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