Giant Jackpot

The Slot Machine by Bally Gaming, Inc.

Emulated in MAME !

Information for the following ROM(s): smi5570 smi5641 smi5941 smi5947


[COIN-OP] Slot Machine

Giant Jackpot © 200? Bally Gaming, Incorporated.

6-Coin Multiplier slot machine.


Art Form: GJP-5010


* SMI: 5570
Part Number: E601211X-05
Max Hit Frenquency: 14,34%
Max Coin Percentage: 88,3%

* SMI: 5641
Part Number: E601311X-05
Max Hit Frenquency: 14,54%
Max Coin Percentage: 91,15%

* SMI: 5941
Part Number: E601411X-05
Max Hit Frenquency: 12,02%
Max Coin Percentage: 85,96%

* SMI: 5947
Part Number: E601511X-05
Max Hit Frenquency: 14,44%
Max Coin Percentage: 89,72%