Get Outta My Face

A 10-year-old Arcade Video Game by Snowrunner Productions

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Get Outta My Face © 2008 Snowrunner Productions.

Get Outta My Face is an arcade video game featuring 50 levels of exciting gameplay, a beautiful musical score, challenging AI, and a compelling/silly storyline, this game not like anything you have ever played in the arcades.

The game is simple, you are a blue cube (named Blue) who is trying to find out why it is what it is and how it came into being. Throughout this process, malicious cubes try to end your life. The reason for this must also be answered, but in the meantime you must survive! You do this by running through levels, slamming through walls, hiding from enemies, and using your surroundings as shields. The game is easy to learn but extremely difficult to master.

Compete for high score, play to the end, or just try to survive, whatever you do you won't forget this experience.


Get Outta My Face the Arcade Video Game
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In a world where games are built by giant teams, Get Outta My Face truly has a fresh feeling. For the most part, the game was created by just one person who sat in his house for months building the game from scratch, writing the music, programming the AI, creating the artwork, and more. This makes for a strange, fun, addictive, interesting, and innovative game.


Score is based on movement, the more you keep moving the higher your score goes up. This becomes tricky because it's a choice between survival and getting a high score.


Designed By : Will Brierly

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