Gates of Zendocon [Model PA2023]

Atari Lynx cart. published 32 years ago by Atari

Listed and emulated in MAME.

Gates of Zendocon © 1989 Atari Corp.

The droids of your old nemesis, the evil spider Zendocon, captured you. Zendocon itself sentenced you to wander its web of deadly universes. Zendocon's universes are connected by a web of transporter gates and alien bases.

Zendocon orders its droids to transport you to an alien base on the first of the 51 interconnected universes and to give you a starship. You must survive dangerous universes inhabited by hostile aliens while searching for transporter gates. When you find a transporter gate, fly through the gate into another universe.

You will find allies in Zendocon's universes. Aliens held as slaves by Zendocon's minions will help you if you can free them. They will follow your ship, aiding you with strange weapons unlike you have ever encountered!

Will you survive Zendocon's challenge? You must survive! Your reward for success is the chance for sweet revenge - a duel to the death with the evil spider itself!


Model PA2023


You earn 1 to 495 points when you destroy aliens, depending on the type of alien.
You receive 100 points when you reach a new alien base in the easy levels or 10,000 points when you reach a new alien base in the hard levels.


* On the first level, the first transporter gate leads to easy levels, the second transporter leads to more difficult levels.

* Shortest Route: At BASE, take the second gate. At RAZE, take the first. At TRYX, STYX, and YARB you have no choice. At BREX, you can equally go to ZEST, STAB or SEBB, so choose what you like best (if you choose ZEST, then take second gate at ZORT; if you choose STAB, then take second gate at BOXX). In all cases, you will end to BROT; from BROT to SNAX you have no choice; at SNAX take the first gate.

* Secret Bonus Level: At the beginning of level TRYX, turn on your shields and fly through the bottom of the floor. On the dividing portion with the tanks, there are sections that flicker red. Between the first square one and the next oval one is the spot you search for: fly about one ship's height above the bottom through the posts and under the stalactites. You can now enter the portal to the secret level!


Programmer: Peter Engelbrite


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