Games for Kids [Model 3GAM-02]

Apple III disk. published by WAP

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Games for Kids © 199? WAP [Washington Apple Pi III SIG]

Side One:
ADD: Test your addition skills.
ARITH.DRILL: Test your +-*/ skills.
DEPTH.CHARGE: Don't let them get too close.
GUESSING.GAME: This one is fun!
PEG.GAME/PEG.GAME2: An old-time favorite in two flavors.

Side Two:
CANADA.QUIZ: Test your knowledge of our friend to the North.
CONNECT.4: An old favorite.
GRAPH.SKETCHER: A great graphics program.
HANGMAN: Don't miss too many or it's all over.
MD.QUIZ: Test your knowledge of Lord Baltimore's state.
NJ.QUIZ: Test your knowledge of New Jersey.
PRESIDENT.QUIZ: Test your knowledge of the Presidents.
PRESIDENTS: Another quiz about former residents of the White House.
STATE.CAPITALS: Yes, South Dakota is in there.
US.QUIZ: Where in the USA is ...
WV.QUIZ: West Virginia???
KIDWORD 1.0: A simple word processing program for Kids.
KIDWORD 3.5: A little more powerful version of Kidword 1.0.




PD's disk.