Games Disk 1 [Model 3GAM-01]

Apple III disk. published by WAP

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Games Disk 1 © 199? WAP [Washington Apple Pi III SIG]

Side One:
CANIBAL.ISLAND: A text adventure that could end in the hot seat.
DAZZLE: A graphics experience.
FOOTBALL.GURU: Can you pick 'em?
FRIEND: Eliza-look alike who likes to ask questions.
PIANO PLINKER: A one-octave organ.
TRUCKER: Become a Travelin' Man or Woman.
WORD PUZZLE: Just try to figure it out.

Side Two:
AUDIO.DEMO/AUDIO.DEMO2: Yes, your /// can play music if you let it.
BIORHYTHM: Is it your day or should you stay in bed?
CAL.COUNTER: It could help you look like Opra once did.
CIVIL.WAR: Fight it all over again.
CODEBREAKER: Get out the Dick Tracy secret decoder ring.
GOLF: Even Arnold Palmer would like this one.
LIFE: A text version of this old favorite.
KNITTING TOOL: A must if you like to knit.
PERPETUAL CALENDAR: You ask and it will tell you. What day is your birthday in 2001?




PD's disk.