Game Show

A Coin-op Redemption Game by SEGA Amusements, Inc.

Not emulated in MAME


Game Show © 200? Sega Amusements, Incorporated.

In Game Show the player is given 4 shots to beat the top displayed score. The player grasps the plunger and attempts to shoot the ball with the proper force to score points.

The goal is to beat the 'top score', within 4 shots, by placing the ball through the various passages on the playing field.

If the player scores higher than the 'top score' within his 4 shots allocated, gameplay is stopped and a 'Large' prize is dispensed in the form of a 4inch. capsule. Otherwise the player is rewarded for playing by being given a superball prize for his efforts.


Game Show the Coin-op Redemption Game
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