Game Boy Pocket [Model MGB-001]

A 22-year-old Console by Nintendo

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Game Boy Pocket © 1996 Nintendo Company, Limited.

A smaller, lighter Game Boy unit that requires fewer batteries.


Game Boy Pocket [Model MGB-001] the Console
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[Model MGB-001]

The Pocket has space for two AAA batteries, which provides approximately 10 hours of game play. It has a smaller link port, which requires an adapter to link with the older Game Boy. The port design is used on all subsequent Game Boy models, excluding the Game Boy Micro.

The screen was changed to a true black-and-white display, rather than the 'pea soup' monochromatic display of the original Game Boy. Also Game Boy Pocket (GBP) has a larger screen than the Game Boy Color (GBC) that later superseded it, the GBP's screen is 65mm (2.56") diagonal, width 48.5mm (1.91"), height 43.5mm (1.71") compared to a 59mm (2.32") diagonal for the GBC. Although like its predecessor the Game Boy Pocket has no backlight to allow play in a darkened area, it did notably improve visibility and pixel response-time (virtually eliminating video ghosting).


The first version did not have a LED to show battery levels. This was soon added due to public demand, along with new Game Boy Pocket units of different colors, some of them new to the Game Boy line. There were several limited-edition Game Boy Pockets including a metallic Ice Blue unit and a pink model exclusive to Japan. The Game Boy Pocket was not a new software platform and played the same software as the original Game Boy model.

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