Galaxian Part X

Pirate Arcade Video game published 42 years ago by Unknown

Galaxian Part X screenshot

Listed and emulated in MAME.

Galaxian Part X © 1979.

Considered as a hack of "Galaxian", this game seems more like a hack of "Moon Alien" by Nichibutsu, but with the graphics changed to look more like "Galaxian". This explains why the shots move with the ship and why the fuel gauge is there. Galaxian also didn't use a 'title screen' formed with graphics, it went straight through to 'We are the Galaxians'. Also, the rate of fire is much faster and the alien's movements are more random.


Blue Galaxian : 30 points in formation, 60 points in flight
Purple Galaxian : 40 points in formation, 80 points in flight
Red Galaxian : 50 points in formation, 100 points in flight
Flagship : 60 points in formation, 150 points in flight
Flagship : 200 points in flight with one escort
Flagship : 300 points in flight with two escorts, Flagship killed before both escorts
Flagship : 800 points in flight with two escorts, Flagship killed after both escorts


Game's ROM.