Galactic Invasion [Model 2011]

Bally Astrocade cart. published 40 years ago by Astrovision, Inc.

Galactic Invasion [Model 2011] screenshot

Listed and emulated in MAME.

Galactic Invasion © 1981 Astrovision, Inc.

A port of the classic arcade game Galaxian.

This space shooter supports up to four players, with players taking turns firing on a descending alien horde. There are nine levels of gameplay difficulty available, with more enemy bombs and faster enemy speeds at the higher levels. The number of bases (lives) the player has is also configurable at the start of the game, from 1-9.

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Game ID: 2011


First cart released by Astrovision. Also known as Galaxian. Released as part of the "Action/Skill Series".


Written by: Bill Adams


Game's ROM.