G.I. Joe - Cobra Strike [Model PB5920]

A 35-year-old Atari 2600 Cart. by Parker Bros.

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G.I. Joe - Cobra Strike © 1983 Parker Bros.

The object of the game depends on whose side you're on -- the G.I. Joe Special Mission Forces or Cobra. If you're playing as G.I. Joe, the object is to destroy the Cobra while protecting the G.I. Joes. If you're playing as the Cobra, the object is to capture four G.I. Joes before G.I. Joe destroys you.


Model PB5920


Each recruit reaching safety: 10 points
Hitting the Cobra's eyes: 100 points
Destroying the Cobra: 1000 points
Making the Bonus Shot: 10,000 points

Note: For every 10,000 points scored, you'll receive one additional recruit. In all the games, the Cobra does NOT score points.


Programmer: John Emerson

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