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List of songs playables on this page:

01 we are g.i. joes (title demo).vgz02 yo joe (credit).vgz03 player select.vgz04 map out a plan of operations i (mission 1 introduction).vgz05 got to get tough, yo joe (mission 1-1 - chemical plant).vgz06 boss bgm 1 - tomax and xamot, major bludd, destro.vgz07 go to the airport! (mission 1-2 - air base).vgz08 boss bgm 2 - metal head, baroness.vgz09 shooting small flies (mission 1-3 - cobras weapons plant).vgz10 intermission.vgz11 mission 2 introduction.vgz12 mission 2-1 - jungle.vgz13 mission 2-2 - cavern base 1.vgz14 mission 2-3 - cavern base 2.vgz15 mission 3 introduction.vgz16 dash toward the final battle! (mission 3 - battleship).vgz17 boss bgm 3-1 - cobra commander.vgz18 boss bgm 3-2 - cobra commander.vgz19 ending.vgz20 continue.vgz21 name entry.vgz22 game over.vgz23 sound scale check.vgz