G-Police [Model SLES-00082/10082]

A 21-year-old Sony PlayStation Game by Psygnosis

Not emulated in MAME


G-Police © 1997 Psygnosis, Ltd.


CD 1 ID: SLES-00082
CD 2 ID: SLES-10082


Released on October 15, 1997 in Europe.

Export releases:
[US] "G-Police [Model SLUS-00544/00556]"
[JP] "G-Police [Model SCPS-10065~6]"
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Original Concept: Neil Duffield
Script: Angus Fieldhouse, Steve Hill, Simon Gardner, Ross Thody, Neil Duffield
Lead Programmer: Neil Duffield
Programmers: Andrew Crowley, Mario D'Onofrio, Tony Marshall, Andrew McCabe, Dominic Robinson, Kim Watson, Gavin Whitlock
Lead Artist: Trevor Slater
3D Artists: Claire Cooper, Steve Hill, Theo Pantazi, John Reitze, Iain Thody
Front End Design: Iain Thody
Lead FMV Artist: Angus Fieldhouse
FMV Artists: Euan Leckie, Trevor Slater
Character Design: Angus Fieldhouse
Character Modeling: Angus Fieldhouse
Music Design: Stuart Duffield (Pug)
Special Effects Design: Stuart Duffield (Pug)
Level Design: Ross Thody
Game Play Coordinators: Jim McPhail, Edward Persey, Ross Thody, Stuart Wheeler
Head Producer: Graham Davis
Producer: Ross Thody
Alpha Production Assistance: Peter Woods
Manual Editor: Damon Fairclough
Manual & Package Design: Richard Turner
Head of QA: Kevin Turner
UK Product Manager: David Dyett
UK Project Manager: Simon Shilleto
Head Artist: Angus Fieldhouse
Head of Software Engineering: Dominic Robinson
Programming Manager: Graeme Williams
Art Manager: Carlos Ulloa
Studio Manager: Simon Gardner
Technical Support: Jeff Young, Dave Collins
Software Development Manager (US Division): Jim Drewry
Sr. Product Manager (US Division): Robin Kausch
Lead Tester (US Division): Jack Kealy
Testers (US Divison): Tomasi Akimeta Jr., Oliver Daos, Christopher Charles, Jack Kealy