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Funny Hamster

Redemption game published 11 years ago by UNIS

Funny Hamster screenshot

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Funny Hamster © 2009 Universal Space.

Funny Hamster is a video redemption featuring a group of hungry hamsters that are out to eat your food! You must try to catch them when they least expect it! Different hamsters have different appetites and eat at different pace, so you have to time the catch carefully and activate the trap at the right moment! Do keep an eye out for the Golden Hamster, successfully capture it and you will have a chance to win the JACKPOT!


Dimensions: W839XD686XH1753 (mm) / W33XD27XH69 (inch))
Weight: 77kg/170lb
Voltage: 110V/220V
Container Fittings:
20' container – 18 units
40' container – 39 units

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