A 10-year-old Arcade Video Game by TAB-Austria

Not emulated in MAME


Fun4Four © 2008 TAB-Austria.

A multi-game table for up to 4 players.


Fun4Four the Arcade Video Game
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- new configuration:
NL1 all games are enabled, own text for netherlands.
NL2 all games are enabled, special version for memory, only Dutch for language settings, no OTM.
- bugfix: wrong default currency for south africa.

- OTM offensive: new game which only runs on OTM machines. Trivial Pursuit.

- OTM offensive: new games which only runs on OTM machines. Mill.
- SpaceTowers: Only 10 rounds instead of 15 rounds.

- OTM offensive: new game which only runs on OTM machines. Crazy Dice.
- Space Towers price is now 2 credits.

- OTM offensive: new game which only runs on OTM machines. Space Towers.
- menu: possibility to activate 6 players.
- new font: univers.

- OTM offensive: new game which only runs on OTM machines. Spooky Maze.

- OTM offensive: new game which only runs on OTM machines. 421.
- This game is a offline game in Belgium, in all other countries it's an OTM game.
- All released games are approved in Belgium now.

OTM Offensive: new game which only runs on OTM machines. Texas Hold'em Battle.

- Update is only possible with a FULL HD hardware!
- OTM offensive, the new game only on machines running OTM. Liar's Dice.

- New offline games Black Jack and Black Jack Battle.
- Software support for Full HD.
- Games wich have been added in the current version are marked with "NEW".
- Exit button in the Browser and Google Maps has been repositioned to prevent accidental "Exit".

- This version works with dongle version 2, hence the last five games of the campaign OTM "offline" available.
- Creating a new partition layout in preparation for a larger number of games with Full HD support (NOTE: therefore is not an online update to this version available).

- OTM offensive, the new game only on machines running OTM. Galaxy Sphere.
- The playing time for "Around the World" has been shortened. The game is faster now playable.
- In memory you can now rapidly click back when two identical cards were dissolved.
- Now you can "click away" all winner-animations.
- Now it is possible to delete the bookeeping 2, despite "v-Dongle".
- IP addresses in the test mode will be checked for proper format (DNS1, DNS2, IP address, subnet mask, gateway).

- OTM offensive, the new game only on machines running OTM. Cublino.
- In the game, "Quiz" has been improved to the second round. We must now answer 15 out of 30 questions correctly.
- Despite v dongles (VDAI / Germany) now the bookkeeping 1 can be deleted with a master reset.

- OTM offensive, the new game only on machines running OTM. Twiddle's Five.
- In test mode, you can now set the credit settings to the factory defaults.
- In the startup menu screen is displayed, the age limit of the games that require a permit ASK.
- Promotional videos can now be played via the service disc to the device:
1) Videos must be present as AVI files.
2) Recommended size is 1366x768.
3) Recommended codec is Microsoft MP4.
4) No sound support.
- Improved graphics for Colonies.
- New browser home page.

- OTM Offensive: new game only for machines with OTM. Kniffel.
- In the test mode can now be selected CoinService.
- New graphic cards: PC graphic card PCIe ATI HD4670 and PC graphic card PCIe HD4650 5210MB 1x DVI are supported.
- In the menu there is now a button to sort through the advertising pages.

- Poker Game "Knock Off" now available as Premium Game
- With V1 Dongle: Knock Off Poker is available only when OTM is activated.
- With V2 Dongle: (wich is available from 01.12.2009) without OTM.

- Games Backgammon and Memory are now available in the Offline (without OTM) mode.
- The machine number is displayed in the TAB Info screen now.

- OTM Offensive: new game only for machines with OTM. Backgammon.
- In Austria, the configurations of the corresponding state flag is displayed.
- Google Maps is in accordance with the Championsnet settings specified location (address) is started.
- If a coin is not accepted, it is noted on the display.
- Improved help text in swimming.
- Improvement of keyboard input in GoogleMaps and browser (keyboard "debounced").
- Continue prices and Continue prices can now be separated set in the test mode.
- Around the dynamite rod in the color of the player displayed it has : Diverse Fehler bei der Texas Hold'em Auswertung wurden behoben.
- Standby Sounds start every 5 minutes.

- If you activate "Championsnet", you will be asked if you want to activate the internet programs.
- New "Around The World" help text.
- New game "FindIt" only in 1-Player version.
- In the game Quiz the right answer will be shown longer.
- The incorrect display of some symbols in Greek and Czech are now correct.
- In the configuration Italy is the browser disabled.
- Better help text for "Mahjong".
- Better help picture for "Around the World".
- New logo with "by TAB-Austria".
- Games without a time limit will be shut down after 2 minutes without a interaction.

- It's possible to show multilateral help texts in the menu.
- Games are switched on/off dependent on languages.
- New network setting: WLAN.
- Bigger scrollbalk for better handling in browser and testmode.
- Textdisplay in greek by Match3 is now correct.
- Poker rules are correctly implement (Split Pot and correct Kicker).
- In the configuration Italy is Texas Hold'em switched off.

- Internet Browser added.
- Google Maps added.
- New Game Colonies.
- Configuration Luxemburg.
- Touchscreen calibration in testmode.

- Huawai Modem support.
- Dongle serial number in testmode.
- Highscore display by Match 3.
- Bugfix in Poker.
- The time is now correct in the testmode.

- Complete data receive is possible in testmode.
- Highscore display in MahJong and Quiz.
- OTBK payoff by local bookkeeping.
- Startup2 implemented.
- Supervisior testmode is correctly displayed.
- Menu adjustment changed.
- Around improvements.
- coin and banknote acceptor is activate after update.
- volumechange (a little bit lower after update.

- New game added: Around.
- Championsnet data receive is working correct.

- New games added: Quiz, Match 3, Schwimmen, Mahjong, Texas.

Game's picture.