Fun-Phone [Model 693]

Kiddie Ride published 59 years ago by Bally Mfg.

Impossible to emulate.

Fun-Phone © 1962 Bally.

A phone with a tape player. After a coin is inserted, a story is played through the phone.


Model No. 693


The Fun-Phone was released on December 19, 1962.

Stories tapes was available:

STORY TAPE No. 1: Contains 12 different stories based on a variety of themes, from famous fairy tales to space adventure, pepped up with a touch of comic strip humor. The stories are narrated by several different radio and television actors to provide voice variety, as well as a carefully planned assortment of stories. The Title Card, supplied with each Tape, list 12 amusing titles such as 'New Blue Snow White', 'That Crazy Pumpkin House', etc.

STORY TAPE No. 2: Written and produced by special arrangement with Larry Harmon Pictures Corporation, Story Tape No. 2 contains 12 different delightful anecdotes narrated by Larry Harmon, famous Bozo the Clown of television, with bits by his friend Butch and Elvis, the talking dog. Each tale is plotted by Larry's script writers. Title Card, supplied with each tape, shows Bozo in bright colors, talking on FUN-PHONE.


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