Fruit Star De Luxe

Slot Machine published 17 years ago by Webak Elektronik

Fruit Star De Luxe screenshot

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Fruit Star De Luxe © 2004 Webak Elektronik.

The game Fruit Star de luxe has got a random number generator, which controls gambling and represents it as a 4-cylinder game on the colour screen. Different combinations of the symbols on the cylinders lead to winnings according to the amounts of the winning plan. With the Start Button the four cylinders are started simultaneously and stopped by chance one after the other. The cylinders can be held, before starting a second time, by pressing the HOLD Buttons according to the cylinders above shown on the screen. In case of a winning situation, the amount of the winnings can either be added immediately to the credit or after playing another Gambling. The gambling consists of a circle with x2 and x4 and lose fields. By pressing the Stop Button the beam stops. The player can either lose or double or make his winnings four times higher.


The fruit Bonus is built up by a pear on the winning-line on the second cylinder from the left. The symbols of the Fruit Bonus are lit by winnings of 1-4 cherries, and with 3 or 4 oranges, jolly, plums, peaches and BAR. After a successful run through the circle of stars the corresponding bonus field will shine up. In case of the complete illumination of the bonus field, the reported fruit bonus will be dispatched as winnings and the player gets a 100 points.

The 3-Star Bonus is built up by a star on the bottom line of the first cylinder from the left and the 4-Star Bonus is built up by a star on the head line of the first cylinder from the right. The 3-Star Bonus is lit by winnings with three stars and the 4-Star Bonus is lit by winnings with four stars. After a successful comming in of the stars in the star-circle, the stars are transfered to the 3-Star Bonus Field or 4-Star Bonus Field. For every additionally lit star a bonus of 50 will be indicated as winning. When the bonus field is completely lit, the indicated Star Bonus is given as winning.


Game's screenshot.