Front Mission 3 [Model SLPS-02222]

Sony PlayStation CD published 24 years ago by Square Co., Ltd.

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Front Mission 3 © 1999 Square Co., Ltd.

In a near future world barely comprehensible to most, nations have formed unusual alliances and unified in previously unimaginable ways. In 2020 the United States of the New Continent (USN) is formed, combining the North and South American continents. In 2026 the same thing happens in the Asian Pacific with the formation of the Oceana Community Union (OCU), and in 2112 the Peoples Republic of Da Han Zhong is established.

New nations did not bring about a new peace however, just the development of new weapons, most notably the Wanzer (van'-ser). Due to their human-like movement and the advantage of requiring only one crewmember, these giant mech.-warriors reduced the demand for other ground-based military vehicles. This might not necessarily be a good thing.

The mystery begins with an explosion at the Yokosuka base, OCU, during a routine Wanzer delivery. It draws you into a global conspiracy in which your only chance for survival are a handful of shadowy characters and your battle machine.

Front Mission 3 is a turn-based combat game that incorporates a massive 150 hours plus of strategic adventure. With upgrades and clue searches involving an in-game Internet and e-mail system, FM3is enough to make you think you may know too much.


Game ID: SLPS-02222


Released on September 02, 1999 in Japan.

[JP] "Front Mission 3 [Model SLPS-91447]" (PS one Books, 2002)
[JP] "Front Mission 3 [Model SLPM-87399]" (Ultimate Hits, 2006)

Export releases:
[US] "Front Mission 3 [Model SLUS-01011]"
[EU] "Front Mission 3 [Model SLES-02423]"


Executive Producers: Tomoyuki Takechi, Hironobu Sakaguchi, Hisashi Suzuki
Producer: Koji Yamashita
Director: Toshirou Tsuchida
System Plan: Kō Satō, Yasuhiro Sato
Stage Plan: Hideo Iwasaki
Scenario: Norihiko Yonesaka, Kazuhiro Matsuda
Event Plan: Takashi Tanegashima
Battle Program: Mamoru Oyamada
SLG Map Program: Chikara Yanagimachi
System Program: Takahiro Matsuzawa
Network Program: Kiyotaka Akaza
Event Program: Masato Shimajiri
Data Program: Toru Kuniyoshi
ETC program: Katsutoshi Yamamoto
Main Character Design: Akihiro Yamada
Main Graphics: Atsushi Dōmoto
SLG Map Design: Yoichi Kubo
Layout & Area Map: Shinichiro Hamasaka
Music: Hayato Matsuo, Kōji Hayama, Shigeki
Sound Programmer: Minoru Akao