Frogs and Flies [Model MT5664]

Atari 2600 cart. published 39 years ago by M Network

Frogs and Flies [Model MT5664] screenshot

Listed and emulated in MAME.

Frogs and Flies © 1982 M Network

Atari 2600 version of Intellivision's "Frog Bog [Model 5301]".

The object of the game is to make frogs catch flies. Points are won by manipulating a frog so that he jumps off a lily pad and scoops up flying insects with a flashing tongue. Jump him too late and you'll miss. Jump him too far and he'll land in the pond. you'll have to wait for him to swim back before trying again. Day & night action. Catch more flies than an opponent. Or beat your own top score!


Model MT5664


Don't fall in the pond! Your frog will be out of business. You'll have to wait until he swims back to the pad before you can try for another score.

In the B EASY GAME, the automatic tongue is most effective when frog isn't on the way up or down. Time your jumps so that frog gets closest to fly at the highest or lowest point in his jump.

Watch the time. Game time is three minutes. Watch for the changing sky - from daylight to sunset and darkness. Change to black of night means scoring time is running out!

REMEMBER: an inactive frog won't stay inactive! In the one player game, the computer could beat you by working the other frog automatically. And whenever any frog is not moved for 15 seconds, computer will take over.


Programmer: Dave Rolfe


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