Frogger [Model 9530]

A 35-year-old Atari 5200 Game by Parker Bros.

Frogger [Model 9530] screenshot

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Frogger © 1983 Parker Bros

The object of the game is to hope as many frogs to safety as you can -- and to score the most points along the way!


Model 9530


In a one-player game, your score is displayed throughout the game in white numerals at the bottom of the screen. Points accumulate as follows:
Successfully jumping frog forward: 10 points.
Successfully jumping a frog into a home bed: 50 points.
Successfully jumping five frogs home: 1000 points.
Rescuing a pink lady frog: 200 points.
Eating a bonus fly: 200 points.
Taking a frog home before its time is up: 10 points per remaining second.


Programmer: Steve Kranish

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