Frogger [Model 834-0068]

The Arcade Video Game PCB by SEGA Enterprises, Ltd.

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[ARCADE] Arcade Video Game PCB

Frogger © 1981 Sega Enterprises, Limited.

For more information about the game itself, please see the original Konami version entry.


Frogger [Model 834-0068] the  Arcade Video Game PCB
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BOARD # 834-0068
PROM STICKERS: from 606 to 610.

Sega's Frogger came in a rather plain looking Sega cabinet known as the 'Convert-a-Cab'. The cabinets had wood grain sides, and the monitor was laid back at a 45 degree angle (just like the monitor in a "Ms. Pac-Man"). The control panel, monitor bezel, and marquee all have a single tire tread graphic that continues on all of them. Most machines have a large sticker for sideart. This game uses the Konami Classic wiring harness, but it doesn't have any buttons, which limits plug and play conversion quite a bit.


Frogger was released in October 1981 in the USA by Sega/Gremlin, under license from Konami, and was the first major hit for Sega (In 1982, "Zaxxon" became their number one game.)


[US] Atari 2600 (1982) "Frogger [Model PB5300]"
Atari XEGS
Colecovision [US] (1982) "Frogger [Model 9830]"
[US] Atari 5200 (1983) "Frogger [Model 9530]"
Mattel Intellivision [US] (1983) "Frogger [Model 6300]"
[US] Sega Genesis (1998) "Frogger [Model 1139]"
[US] Nintendo SNES (1998) "Frogger [Model SNS-AF7E]"
Microsoft XBOX 360 [XBLA] [US] (jul.12, 2006)
Microsoft XBOX 360 [US] (dec.15, 2009) "Konami Classics Vol.1 [Model 30085]" XBLA version

[US] Nintendo Game Boy (aug.1998) "Frogger [Model DMG-AFGE-USA]"
Nintendo Game Boy Color [US] (dec.31, 1998) "Frogger [Model DMG-AFRE-USA]"
[US] Nintendo GBA (mar.21, 2002) "Konami Collector's Series - Arcade Advanced [Model AGB-AKCE-USA]"

[US] Atari 800 (1982) "Frogger [Model 1110]"
PC [Booter] [US] (1983)
PC [Booter] [US] (1983) "Hopper", a part of "Friendlyware PC Arcade" suite
Tandy Color Computer [US] (1983)
[US] Apple II (1983)
[US] Commodore C64 (1983) "Frogger [Model PB1570]"
PC [MS-DOS] [US] (1983)
Commodore VIC-20 [US] "Menagerie"
Tommy Tutor

VFD handheld game [US] (1981) by Coleco
Radio Shack LCD handheld [US] (1996) "Frog Crossing"
Tiger Game.Com [US] (1999) [Model 75-756]
Mobile Phones [US] (nov.20, 2003)
Frogger Plug 'n Play TV Game [US] (2004) by Majesco
Konami Arcade Advanced Plug 'n Play TV Game [US] (2004) by Majesco
Windows Mobile [US] (oct.30, 2006)
Apple iPhone/iPad [US] (aug.1, 2008) "Frogger [Model 286115722]"
BlackBerry [US] (aug.12, 2009) "Frogger [Model 996]" : Re-released oct.21, 2009
[US] "Atari Flashback 7" (oct.1, 2016) by AtGames
Atari Ultimate Portable Game Player [US] (nov.2016) by AtGames

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