Frogger [Model 834-0068]

The Arcade PCB by SEGA Enterprises, Ltd.

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Frogger © 1981 Sega Enterprises, Limited.

For more information about the game itself, please see the original Konami version entry.


Frogger [Model 834-0068] the  Arcade PCB
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BOARD # 834-0068
PROM STICKERS: from 606 to 610.

Sega's Frogger came in a rather plain looking Sega cabinet known as the 'Convert-a-Cab'. The cabinets had wood grain sides, and the monitor was laid back at a 45 degree angle (just like the monitor in a "Ms. Pac-Man"). The control panel, monitor bezel, and marquee all have a single tire tread graphic that continues on all of them. Most machines have a large sticker for sideart. This game uses the Konami Classic wiring harness, but it doesn't have any buttons, which limits plug and play conversion quite a bit.


Frogger was released in October 1981 in the USA by Sega/Gremlin, under license from Konami, and was the first major hit for Sega (In 1982, "Zaxxon" became their number one game.)


usa Atari 2600 (1982) "Frogger [Model PB5300]"
Atari XEGS
Colecovision usa (1982) "Frogger [Model 9830]"
usa Atari 5200 (1983) "Frogger [Model 9530]"
Mattel Intellivision usa (1983) "Frogger [Model 6300]"
usa Sega Genesis (1998) "Frogger [Model 1139]"
usa Nintendo SNES (1998) "Frogger [Model SNS-AF7E]"
Microsoft XBOX 360 [XBLA] usa (jul.12, 2006)
Microsoft XBOX 360 usa (dec.15, 2009) "Konami Classics Vol.1 [Model 30085]" XBLA version

usa Nintendo Game Boy (aug.1998) "Frogger [Model DMG-AFGE-USA]"
Nintendo Game Boy Color usa (dec.31, 1998) "Frogger [Model DMG-AFRE-USA]"
usa Nintendo GBA (mar.21, 2002) "Konami Collector's Series - Arcade Advanced [Model AGB-AKCE-USA]"

usa Atari 800 (1982) "Frogger [Model 1110]"
PC [Booter] usa (1983)
PC [Booter] usa (1983) "Hopper", a part of "Friendlyware PC Arcade" suite
Tandy Color Computer usa (1983)
usa Apple II (1983)
usa Commodore C64 (1983) "Frogger [Model PB1570]"
PC [MS-DOS] usa (1983)
Commodore VIC-20 usa "Menagerie"
Tommy Tutor

VFD handheld game usa (1981) by Coleco
Radio Shack LCD handheld usa (1996) "Frog Crossing"
Tiger Game.Com usa (1999) [Model 75-756]
Mobile Phones usa (nov.20, 2003)
Frogger Plug 'n Play TV Game usa (2004) by Majesco
Konami Arcade Advanced Plug 'n Play TV Game usa (2004) by Majesco
Windows Mobile usa (oct.30, 2006)
Apple iPhone/iPad usa (aug.1, 2008) "Frogger [Model 286115722]"
BlackBerry usa (aug.12, 2009) "Frogger [Model 996]" : Re-released oct.21, 2009
usa "Atari Flashback 7" (oct.1, 2016) by AtGames
Atari Ultimate Portable Game Player usa (nov.2016) by AtGames

Game's ROM.

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