Arcade Video game published 8 years ago by ICE

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Frogger © 2011 ICE [Innovative Concepts in Ent.]

This 2 player skill redemption game will have locations leaping for "Frogger"! The smash hit arcade classic, officially licensed by Konami, has been transformed by ICE and Raw Thrills into a spectacular “must have” piece for any location. "Frogger" boasts eye catching graphics on a vivid 42” horizontally mounted LCD panel, vacuum formed marquee, combined with a beaming 2 player podium style control panel. This instantly make’s Frogger one of the most identifiable and sought after games for children and parents alike. Players release Frogger on a quest to reach the bonus lily pad by pressing the flashing vacuum formed button. Tickets are awarded by eating bugs and added bonuses along the way. Timing and skill are everything, players must watch for passing bugs, floating logs, and swimming turtles if they want Frogger to reach the coveted lily pad.
- Ticket redemption
- 2 player
- 42” LCD screen
- Officially licensed Frogger game


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1.03 (06/23/11)
* add Timeout option in Coin/Game Adjustments, forces frog to launch after a prescribed time after coins inserted, default setting is off
* fix "Tickets Owed" count when Two Point Tickets mode enabled

1.02 (04/01/11)
* add manual override for base jackpot value in payout adjustments

1.01 (03/25/11)
* add coin values from $0.50 to $2.00 to options

1.00 (03/23/11)
* speed up 3rd row logs, slow down 5th, slow down frog slightly to prevent players on left side timing their launch to catch the row 3 gold bonus logs consistently
* fix frog jumping and winning and splash animations
* fix display of base payout percentage when capped
* add additional options for adjustments coins to play, frogs per game, coin value, coins per swipe, ticket value, payout %

0.97 (03/17/11)
* slide paytables up one slot to account for overpaying trend
* reduce image memory usage to fix slowdown when jackpot won

0.96 (02/24/11)
* frog now 2X bigger

0.95 (02/15/11)
* fix bug with fixed ticket on and ticket use off
* remove ticket related graphics, voiceovers when ticket use off
* add sound effect when launching frog*frogger invisible at starting line if no coins in
* glowing circles around frogger after launching
* rebalance some tickets from jackpot to bugs
* spawn frogs more frequently in attract

0.94 (02/09/11)
* internal CEC version

0.93 02/07/11
* revised two point ticket mode to use multiples of 10
* removed "insert coins" voice over in swipe mode

0.92 (01/28/11)
* add two point ticket option (forces even ticket awards)

0.91 (01/26/11)
* remove Konami logo
* fix start lamps in free play with no money in

0.90 (01/20/11)
* first version sent to NJS

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