Frog & Hippo

A Slot Machine by Kare Technology

Frog & Hippo screenshot

Not emulated in MAME


Frog & Hippo © 200? Kare Technology.

If you ask any player who lives in a frog land, he'll answer it's a frog. But if you play Frog & Hippo you'll see not only frogs but also a palace where Ivan – the – Prince lives, the Princess Frog and funny hippopotamuses appearing on the reels. If you see 3 of them at once, choose one hippopotamus and learn the number of free games you are to play. Or you may ask the froglings to start Hard Way Bonus. You can double your winning by playing cards with the Princess Frog.


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Hard way : It is necessary to jump over a next raw so that not to get on a hippopotamus. While playing high bets an arrow saves a frog from an abortive attempt. If to get through all three stages successfully, maximum winning in this bonus will be equal to 32 bets. There will be an opportunity to double winning up or treble it if you guess a door behind which a good hippopotamus or Tsarevich Ivan stand.

Hippopotamus : With falling of three symbols Hippopotamus a player is to choose one of hippopotamuses. The emerging number will show how many times it is possible to play without credit reduction.