Fresh-Air Popcorn

Vending Machine published by Fresh Air Popcorn, Inc.

Impossible to emulate.

Fresh-Air Popcorn © 199? Fresh Air Popcorn Company, Incorporated.


Factory Set For 46oz Of popcorn (can be adjusted)

dual t-handle lock
uses 46oz DIXIE popcorn containers
Some Machines auto vent the cups and some have slots on side of machine for customer loading.

Typically Comes with 2 Flavor selection buttons(Changeable?) with illuminated background.
Appears to have been manufactured by several different companies in the Early 1990's

Circuit board is yellow with silver surface mount traces.

120vac up to 1300watts

Auger style visible vent into cook chamber
Cooking chamber uses HOT AIR

Most Machines have a $.25 Coin-slot and a $1 Bill Validator (Price Is Adjustble)


Machine's picture.