Fox Hunt

Gun game published 46 years ago by SEGA Enterprises

Impossible to emulate.

Fox Hunt © 1975 Sega.

Electro-mechanical two-player fox hunting game. In the game, foxes appear intermittently in simulated caves on a distant wooded cliff. Two shooters endeavor to be the first to shoot the fox from view. When successful, five metal balls are released from the cave and roll across the wooded cliff. The rifle of the shooter who first scored the hit on the fox automatically engages with a scoring mechanism, and for each ball that they shoot to stop receives 300 points. It is possible for the other player to being firing their rifle during this time but it produces no capability of shooting the balls to a stop or scoring until they shoot a fox. Both rifles are never scoring at the same time; the challenge is to maintain a hot rifle by dividing time between scoring and keeping the other player from hitting a fox. There are multiple gun action sounds produced by the cabinet.


Height: 70 in.
Width: 31 in.
Length: 39 in.


Machine's picture.