Forgotten Worlds [Model NAPR-1025]

The NEC PC-Engine CD Game by NEC Avenue, Ltd.

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Forgotten Worlds © 1992 NEC Avenue, Limited.

Forgotten Worlds is a multi-scrolling shooter by NEC Avenue and conversion of Capcom's arcade hit. The mysterious and powerful Bios has created powerful war gods and their waging battle is now raging and spilling over into the world. Two jet-packed warriors go on a desperate quest to defeat them and their armies, flying deep within the realms of the gods' underworlds and taking them out one at the time. The player takes control of a flying commando-marine helped by a floating satellite. The unlikely machine constitutes the primary weapon system in the game - it can smoothly rotate around the player and consequently fire in any direction. Two buttons on the controller rotate the satellite and one fires it (the Avenue Pad 3 controller was actually created to play this game (see the Info section), but a standard controller may be used with some success). Various enemies drop blue crystals when killed - these Zennies (as they are called) can be later used in shops scattered throughout the game (usually located half-way through each level). There, the player can purchase satellite upgrades (such as Missiles, Multi-Ways, Laser Beams, Bound, V-Cannon, Balkan Cannon and so forth...), health potions, armors or continues. The game's structure becomes a lot more complex in later stages and some levels split into two and feature multiple routes. Finally, the two simultaneous players option was omitted from this conversion (only a second player 'satellite only' option is available in debug mode).


Game ID: NAPR-1025


Forgotten Worlds for the Super CD-RomĀ² System was released on March 27, 1992 in Japan for 7980 Yen.

france June 1992 - Joypad N.9: 79/100

The original arcade game was called Lost Worlds in Japan and was released by Capcom in 1988. It had an analogue rotary dial to control the satellite. The PC Engine version came packaged with the Avenue Pad 3 in Japan, supposed to help simulating the rotary dial controller from the arcade.

Game's ROM.
Game's description by Laurent Kermel;

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