Ford Racing Full Blown

A 12-year-old Arcade Video Game by Empire Interactive Europe

Not emulated in MAME


Ford Racing Full Blown © 03/2006 Empire Interactive.

With 12 Tracks across 5 zones you can race on Road, Off Road, across the Beach through lost Villages or the Deep South, come Rain, Snow or Shine!
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Ford Racing Full Blown the Arcade Video Game
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Empire Interactive signed an agreement with the industry giant Sega, which will see its million selling Ford Racing franchise, previously on Sony PlayStation 2, Microsoft Xbox and PC format, make the move to the arcades, as Ford Racing Full Blown. As with the console versions, the choice of vehicles in Ford Racing Full Blown will be extensive, ranging from the classic '78 Ford Capri, the Ford GT concept, an off road vehicle, or the latest Focus Rally car.

Ian Higgins, CEO of Empire Interactive, commented : << Ford Racing is one of our most popular franchises and we are very excited to see it make the move to the arcades and extend the franchise in this way. The previous success of Ford Racing promises great results for Sega. We are proud to work once again with such a well respected industry name. >>

Paul Williams, CEO of Sega, added : << Sega's new partnership with Empire allows it to realise the drive to localise games - Ford Racing has been specifically designed to appeal to European tastes. The project is a first for Sega and opens up the future for our product output. We are very proud to work with Empire on this game. >>

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