Flying Ace

Coin-op Misc. game published 49 years ago by MCI

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Flying Ace © 1973 MCI (Milwaukee Coin Industries).

Flying his plane with one hand and firing his machine guns with the other, the pilot wins fantastic rewards for his skill. When he has downed 14 enemy planes, the big red light on top of the game starts flashing, a wild siren goes off, announcing to everyone around that another flyer has become an ACE, and the flyer gets a medal : a specially inscribed FLYING ACE TOKEN !


Height : 68in.
Width : 40in.
Depth : 82in. with seat, 64in. without seat.
Weight : 325 lbs.


Two interchangeable discs was available for this game :
1) A World War-II disc with German fighters and bombers.
2) A disc of World War-I planes.


Machine's picture.