Flashback - The Quest for Identity

Atari Jaguar cart. published 26 years ago by US Gold

Flashback - The Quest for Identity screenshot

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Flashback - The Quest for Identity © 1995 US Gold.

You play the part of Conrad Hart, controlling his every move through 7 levels. During your quest, you will come across friends and foes who you wish to help or vanquish using your gun. You must complete many challenges in order to restore your lost memory. Each level features its own unique graphics and hazards, linked by cinematic animation sequences.


* How do I get to the second platform in the beginning of New Washington ?
Get onto the first platform on the right and turn left once you hit the wall. Now hold down the Action button and tap left on the control pad once. Remember not to let go of the Action button. Conrad will automatically jump up to the second platform.

* How do I get out of the room with all of the orbs in restricted area 2 ?
The electronic orbs have a key you will need. Destroy them and open the doors for the VIP. In order to destroy the orbs, Conrad must shoot them while standing.

* Where do I insert the Terminal Card in Mission 4 of New Washington ?
Once inside the computer room, stand in front of the third computer terminal from the left, which is the center of the screen and just to the right of the computer tower. Make sure you have selected the computer card from your inventory and put it into the computer with the Use button.

* How do I get into Club Paradise ?
Save you game after getting dropped off by the taxi. Climb up to the top ledge, run right and jump across to the roof of Club Paradise. Jumping between platforms is tricky. For the first jump you'll have to make a leap of faith to the right. Just make a second jump to get to the roof of the club. Shoot out the glass door and enter the club.

* Where is the key in Club Paradise ?
After defeating the first replicant, climb onto the blue light fixture and shoot the glass wall to the left. The key is just behind the broken glass.

* How do I defeat the Auxillary Brain ?
Alternate between shooting at the right and left sides of the brain. Return to the bottom of the screen, shoot the morphs and repeat this procedure. The right door will open after the brain is beaten.

* Where do I drop the Atomic Charge ?
After defeating the brain, continue to the right as far as possible. Drop the atomic charge when you are told. Flick the switch to have the charge dropped to the main brain.


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