Flash Gordon [Model 11015]

Atari 2600 cart. published 39 years ago by Fox Video Games, Inc.

Flash Gordon [Model 11015] screenshot

Listed and emulated in MAME.

Flash Gordon © 1982 Fox Video Games.

Many dedicated Spacemen have entered Spider City but none has ever been heard from again. It is up to you, Flash Gordon, to rescue any surviving Spacemen and to conquer this hideous city of tunnels. Spider City is conquered when all of its Hatching Pods are eliminated. It doesn't hurt to blast a few Generators or enemy Patrol Ships while you're there.


Model 11015


10 points = Debris
25 points = Patrol Ship
70 points = Rescued Spaceman
100 points = Disrupter Generator
100 points = First Spider Warrior shot from any hatching. You receive 200 points for the second, 300 points for the third, and so on.
-1000 points = Penalty for shooting a Spaceman

Each time a City is conquered an extra ship is awarded. Up to nine bonus Ships can be shown on the screen at a time although you may have even more than nine in reserve. Bonus points are also awarded after conquering a City. You will receive 10 points for each Spaceman rescued by the current Ship, multiplied by the number of Cities you have conquered. If a Ship is destroyed before the end of any level, any bonus it has accumulated is lost.


The key is to try and maintain shields at all times. Once you have shields, go to another Hatching Pod right away. You can use the shielded Ship to quickly destroy the Spider Warriors.

When the Disrupters speed up at the higher levels, it is almost essential to shoot a Generator in order to escape.

Learn to use both displays. The City Map is your only clue to where you are and to where the Pods are.


Developed by Sirius Software.

Programmer: David Lubar


Game's ROM.