Fisher-Price - Firehouse Rescue [Model NES-QF-USA]

Nintendo NES Cart. published 26 years ago by GameTek, Inc.

Fisher-Price - Firehouse Rescue [Model NES-QF-USA] screenshot

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Fisher-Price - Firehouse Rescue © 1992 GameTek

It's Fisher-Price Firehouse Rescue! Have you ever wanted to drive your very own fire truck? Now you can, with the exciting NES version of every child's favorite Fisher-Price toy. Guide your brightly colored fire truck through the street mazes. When you get to the flashing house, bring the Little People (and even their cat) down the fire truck ladder. Whether you're 3 years old or 8 years old or anywhere in between, this game is made just for you. There are four graduating skill levels, with multiple mazes at each level so there's lots of fun and challenges for everyone. Can you work your way up from Firefighter to Fire Chief? Sure you can!




Released in March 1992 in the USA.

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