Arcade Video game published 37 years ago by Atari, Inc.

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FireFox © 1984 Atari.

You pilot the fastest, most sophisticated plane on the face of the earth that has just been stolen from Russia. You fly through different areas shooting enemy MIGS and other FireFox prototypes. You must avoid Russian infra-red radar tracking and find the refueling points to make it further into the game. High altitude flying would use less fuel but would make FireFox more vulnerable to detection. Flying at a low altitude would use more fuel but would give you better cover from the MIGS.

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This game uses a laser disc.


FireFox was released in January 1984 (even though the title screen says 1983). 1615 deluxe units were produced.
In February 1984, standard models were released. 500 units were produced.

FireFox is based on the Warner Brothers 1982 movie of the same name and used a few scenes from it. The game casts the player in the roll of Clint Eastwood's character, Major Gant, whose mission is to steal a top secret Russian war plane, and pilot it out of the U.S.S.R. to America.

ATEI 1984, Atari presented a huge simulation model of the FireFox's cockpit with the video display on a screen situated some 8 feet from the cockpit's nose. Unfortunately, this simulation model was never been available in the arcades.

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Project Leader : Mike Hally
Game Design/Storyboards : Dave Ralston
Program : Greg Rivera, Norm Avellar
Voice Digitalization : Earl Vickers
Score Composer/Conductor : Jeff Gusman
Hardware Design : Peter Franusic
Technician : Mihn Nguyen
System Design : Jed Margolin
Control Panel Design : Mike Jang
Senior Video Editor : Moe Shore
Video Edit/Sound/Lab Design : Bill Crooks
Video Technical/Lab Design : Chris Crummett


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