Fireball [Model AR-4300]

Atari 2600 Cass. published 36 years ago by Arcadia

Emulated in MAME !
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Fireball © 1982 Arcadia Corp.

Imagine this: You're a juggler. You've practiced long and hard to become a very good juggler. You can juggle rubber balls, fragile plates, even razor-sharp daggers. Now you're ready for the ultimate test — the Fireball Competition.

The situation: You've done well in the early matches of the International Tournament of Jugglers. Most of the competitors have been eliminated. You've survived. Now it's down to the final event: the Fireball.

Your objective: Catch the blazing Fireball and hurl it back at the wall of blocks. Rack up points by smashing blocks and clearing the screen. And prove your skill as a juggler by keeping a number of Fireballs in the air. First one, then two, three, four...

You have five tries, just in case the Fireball becomes a little too hot to handle.


Model AR-4300


You earn points for each block smashed.

You earn points for each set of blocks eliminated.

The closer to the top of the screen, the more the block is worth.

The more Fireballs in play, the more each block is worth.


* Try to anticipate where the tumbling Fireballs will land. Then get there ahead of them and wait.

* If you're juggling more than two Fireballs, you may find it easier to not catch them. Keep the controller button pressed down, and the Fireballs will simply bounce off you.

* Stay alert for the arrival of mystery Fireballs.


Programmer: Scott Nelson

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