Fire Fly [Model MA 1002]

Atari 2600 Cart. published 35 years ago by Mythicon, Inc.

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Fire Fly © 1983 Mythicon

FIREFLY by Mythiiicon offers tremendous variety in the types of enemies you, as Firefly, will encounter. By continually moving from one screen to the next you are actually playing several games in one. Each enemy moves differently and requires different skills of the game player.

The first challenge is to rescue the pixy. While appearing easy, be cautius of the enemy bee. He is very good at determining where you are and his sting is deadly. Should you survive and rescue the pixy, you are faced with the flaming pumpkin. He is so hot that merely touching him will be fatal. He also has an unlimited supply of deadly pumpkin seeds to fire at you. The next screen brings you to the true meanness of the demons. Their touch and cannon shots are to be avoided at all cost. The bats will be waiting should the unlikely occur and you survive. The bad bugs aren't worried, however, since ythey have a sun full of shooting balls of fire ready to ruin your day. If that isn't enough, you can try your luck against the coiled serpents. For the truly talented players who make it through this series of Bad-Bug tricks don't worry, they will all be there again for your next journey through the land of the Bad-Bugs.


Model MA 1002


SCORING is done by hitting the enemies with a missile, picking up treasures, and rescuing the pixy. Points are awarded on the following basis:
Shoot enemy: 10 points.
Shoot pumpkin: 20 points.
Rescue pixy: 30 points.
Recover treasure: 99 points.


Programmer: Bruce de Graaf
Sound: Bill Bryner

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