Fire Fighter

Redemption game published 17 years ago by LAI Games

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Fire Fighter © 2003 LAI Games [Leisure & Allied Industries].

Fire Fighter, a 2-player water gun game that uses recycled water and has no plumbing requirements. The water cannon is directional controlled to limit the water jet to inside the Fiberglass playfield.

Players aim the water cannon and spray water on a target with the challenge being to keep the water cannon steady on target and put out the 'fire' in the building from the top down – level by level, floor by floor.

In 2-player game mode the winner is the player who puts out the fire in his building first. Single player games play against the computer.
Dimensions :
Height : 2049 mm (80inch)
Width : 1092 mm (42inch)
Depth : 1615 mm (63inch)
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