Fire Chief

The Other Game by Americoin

Not emulated in MAME


[COIN-OP] Other Game

Fire Chief © 1976 Americoin.

The player can actually get to fight a realistic fire in a four story building, with flames flashing into the midnight sky, while hearing the sounds of the Fire Engines with their Sirens Screaming and the sounds of the Pumpers drawing water to the blaze.

You fight the fires in 8 different windows with fluorescent water, and as soon as the fire is under control in one windows, it breaks out in another. It chalenges you as a Fireman. You have the controls, and only you can save the Building.


Fire Chief the  Other Game
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Lenght : 53in.
Width : 25in.
Height : 65in.
Weight : 260 lbs.

Time of play adjustable from 50 to 90 seconds.

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