Final Mission [Model NAT-FV]

Nintendo Famicom cart. published 33 years ago by Natsume, Inc.

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Final Mission [Model NAT-FV] screenshot

Final Mission © 1990 Natsume.

Final Mission is a horizontal shooter by Natsume. In the year AD 2XXX, Earth is under a massive attack from outer space and, without provocation or warning, beams of energy fall from the sky and obliterate all major cities around the globe. No one could ignore the signs of this global alien invasion and soon, the unknown invaders start building tall towers, passageways between their impregnable orbital fortress and our planet. Two elite soldiers equipped with jet-packs, Sergei and Frederick, are given the desperate mission to infiltrate the alien fortress floating in orbit around Earth and to counter the invasion. Each fighter comes equipped with a main Vulcan gun and two additional drone guns. These drones have two mode of operations - they can be locked at an angle or fire in the opposite direction the player is facing. The Vulcan gun can of course be upgraded by cracking open containers scattered throughout the levels, and the game does feature three additional weapons - a piercing laser (L), a wave-gun (W) and a bomb-gun (B). Two other special items are also available for the taking and give the player an extra speed boost (S) or replenish a portion of his life bar (R). Final Mission consists of five huge levels and includes a two simultaneous player mode.

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Final Mission was released on June 22, 1990 in Japan. Retail price: 5800 Yen.

Export releases:
[US] "S.C.A.T. - Special Cybernetic Attack Team [Model NES-FV-USA]"
[EU] "Action In New York [Model NES-FV-NOE]"
[UK] "Action In New York [Model NES-FV-UKV]"


10 Lives (This version only): At title screen press and hold on the 2nd controller the A and B buttons, and then on the 1st controller hold Select and press Start. If done right, you should get 10 lives.


Composer: Kyouhei Sada
Graphic Designer: Mikihiko Funada, Shunji Ohminami, Hirosi Takai
Producer/Programmer: Satosi Yosikawa
Programmer: Kenji Furuya


Game's ROM.