Final Fight One [Model AGB-AFFJ-JPN]

Nintendo GBA cart. published 19 years ago by Capcom

Final Fight One [Model AGB-AFFJ-JPN] screenshot

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Final Fight One © 2001 Capcom Company, Limited.


There's trouble in Metro City. The members of the Mad Gear Gang have kidnapped the mayor's daughter Jessica and the clock is ticking. The mayor, an ex-street fighter himself, calls in the big guns to help, enlisting the iron fist team of Cody and Guy. Now, it's a race against time to scour the city, defeat an army of the Mad Gear Gang's minions, and rescue Jessica before it's too late!

Classic arcade action is unleashed on the Game Boy Advance. Team up with a friend using the link cable to connect two Game Boy Advance systems.


Cartridge ID: AGB-AFFJ-JPN


Final Fight One for Game Boy Advance was released on May 25, 2001 in Japan.

Features Haggar, Cody, and Guy and the Industrial Area (as well as Rolento) that was missing in the Super Famicom version.

With a link cable, the game can also be played cooperatively with 2 players and unlimited continues instead of just 4 credits in 1 player mode.

Prior to each boss battle, there are dialogue scenes now, and the Street Fighter Zero versions of Guy and Cody are unlockable characters.

Players can select the same character, and there are other unlockable features such as extra costume color palettes.

The items of Final Fight Guy, such as extra lives and invincibility are also featured. Enemy placement is also the same as Final Fight Guy, but more than three enemies can be seen on the screen at the same time.

Transition sequences were also restored, but some were still not present while others were slightly altered.


When you exit the Options Mode and return to the Mode Select Screen, the Battle Point Screen is displayed. Your Battle Points are calculated by the cumulative number of enemies you have defeated. When you defeat a certain number of enemies, a hidden secret will be unlocked, as listed below:

Z-Guy: Defeat 50 enemies.
Player: Defeat 200 enemies. You can now choose up to 9 lives in reserve.
Z-Cody: Defeat 500 enemies.
Stage Select: Defeat 800 enemies.
Color Change: Defeat 1,300 enemies. You can now select one of four costume colors for each character.
Rapid Punch: Defeat 2,000 enemies. When turned ON, holding the Attack button allows you to punch rapidly without having to hit the button repeatedly.

Z-Guy and Z-Cody appear on the character select screen if you press Left while highlighting Guy or Right while highlighting Haggar. A new screen will be displayed featuring the Street Fighter Zero characters for the player to choose.

Once you reach 2,000 points, you have unlocked everything. The maximum number the screen can display is 9,999.


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