Final Fantasy Tactics [Model SLPS-00770~1]

Sony PlayStation CD published 26 years ago by Square Co., Ltd.

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Final Fantasy Tactics © 1997 Square Co., Ltd.

The styles of FINAL FANTASY and OGRE BATTLE converge in FINAL FANTASY TACTICS, a strategy RPG created by the minds behind those classic series. A tale of political intrigue and betrayal woven through a complex web of interpersonal relationships, this game requires you to follow a convoluted plot through several twisting chapters. You assume control a young noble named Ramza, a young lad embroiled in a political revolution that spirals into a supernatural threat endangering the entire world. The influence from the FINAL FANTASY games is seen in the monster designs, spells, weapons, and most notably the character classes. Known as jobs, these character types are taken directly from FINAL FANTASY V, and allow you to completely customize your characters' abilities. On the battlefield you will feel the gameplay ties to TACTICS OGRE, as you maneuver your allies around the grid-based map in turn-based strategic combat. The game also features an epic soundtrack from the composers of the OGRE BATTLE series, Masaharu Iwata and Hitoshi Sakimoto.

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CD1 ID: SLPS-00770
CD2 ID: SLPS-00771


Final Fantasy Tactics was released on June 20, 1997 in Japan.

[JP] "Final Fantasy Tactics [Model SLPS-91435]" (PS one Books, 2001)
[JP] "Final Fantasy Tactics [Model SLPM-87392]" (Ultimate Hits, 2006)

Export releases:
[US] "Final Fantasy Tactics [Model SCUS-94221]" (1998)