Final Fantasy III [Model SNS-F6-USA]

Export Nintendo Super NES game published 26 years ago by Square

Final Fantasy III [Model SNS-F6-USA] screenshot

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Final Fantasy III © 1994 Square Company, Limited.

Export release. Game developed in Japan. For more information about the game itself, please see the original Japanese release entry; "Final Fantasy VI [Model SHVC-F6]".

You can found on this page information about the Export version only.
Final Fantasy III was released on October 20, 1994 in North America.

There where a BIG names change between the US and the original Japanese release. Here are the list:

US (original Japanese version)

* Principal characters: Terra (Tina), Locke (Lock), Sabin (Mash), Cyan (Cayenne), Strago (Stragus), Gestahl (Ghastra), Kefka (Cefca), Vicks (Biggs), Banon (Bannon).

* Other Characters: Elayne (Mina), Owain (Son), Arvis (Jun), Madonna (Madaline), Gerad (Geoff), Duane (Dean), Katarin (Katrina).

* The Moglis (Moogles): Kupek (Moglin), Kupop (Mogpu), Kumama (Mogchi), Kuku (Morl), Kutan (Mogtan), Kupan (Mogul), Kushu (Mogshin), Kurin (Mogpon), Kuru (Mugmug), Kamog (Zumomog).

* Character Classes: In the original version, there were class names; Tina (Magic Warrior), Lock (Adventurer), Edgar (Machinery), Mash (Monk), Shadow (Assassin), Cayenne (Samurai), Gau (Wild Boy), Celes (Rune Knight), Mog (Moglie), Setzer (Gambler), Stragus (Blue Mage), Relm (Pictomancer), Gogo (Mimic), Umaro (Snow Man), Banon (Priest), Leo (Great General), Biggs (Imperial Soldier), Wedge (Imperial Soldier).

* Bosses: TunnelArmr (Dig Armor), AtmaWeapon (Ultima/Altema Weapon), Atma (Ultima/Altema Pastor), Larry (Suuno), Moe (Seeno), Doom Gaze (Death Gaze), Chupon (Tupon), Umaro (Snow Man), Hidon (Hidun), Hidonite (Eleboth), DirtDragon (Earth Dragon), Ice Dragon (Freeze Dragon), Red Dragon (Flame Dragon), White Drgn (Holy Dragon), GoldDragon (Illu Dragon), Whelk (Yumir).

* Espers (Genju): Stray (Cait Sith), Shoat (Catoblepas), ZoneSeek (Zone Seeker), Palador (Keeshiheri), Starlet (Rakushumi), Tritoch (Varingarmandar), Terrato (Midgar Zolom), Crusader (Jihaad).

* Attack Magic: Ice (Blizzard), Bolt (Thunder), Fire 2 (Fira), Ice 2 (Blizzara), Bolt 2 (Thundara), Fire 3 (Figa), Ice 3 (Blizzaga), Bolt 3 (Thundaga), Doom (Death), Pearl (Holy), Demi (Gravity), Quartr (Graviga), X-Zone (Degeon), Meteor (Meteo), W.Wind (Tornado).

* Healing Magic: Cure (Keal), Cure 2 (Kealra), Cure 3 (Kealga), Life (Raise), Life 2 (Araise), Antdot (Poisona), Remedy (Esuna), Life 3 (Reraise).

* Effect Magic: Scan (Libra), Rasp (Raspil), Mute (Silence), Safe (Protes), Sleep (Sleeper), Muddle (Confu[se]), Bserk (Berserk), Float (Levitate), Imp (Kappa), Rflect (Reflec[t]), Haste 2 (Hasga), Slow 2 (Sloga), Osmose (Aspil), Warp (Telepo[rt]).

* Special skills and attacks:
- Lore (Memorized Technique): AquaRake (Aqua Breath), Revenge (Revenge Blast)
- Blitz (Special Technique>): AuraBolt (Aura Cannon), Suplex (Meteodrive), Fire Dance (Phoenix Dance), Air Blade (Vacuum Blade), Bum Rush (Battle Dance)
- SwdTech (Special Sword Technique): Dispatch (Fang / Tusk), Retort (Sky), Slash (Tiger), Quadra Slam (Dance / Circle / Wheel), Empowerer (Dragon), Stunner (Moon), Quadra Slice (Violent / Furious), Cleave (Chop / Sever / Cut)
- Tools (Machines): AutoCrossbow (Auto Bow-Gun), Bio Blaster (Bio Blast), Flash (Sun Beam), Debilitator (Weak Maker), NoiseBlaster (Voice Blast)
- MagiTek (Magic-based): Bio Blast (Bio Blaster), TekMissile (Magic Missile), Ice Beam (Blizzard Beam), Bolt Beam (Thunder Beam), X-fer (Degenerator)
- Morph (Trans[form])

* Graphic changes:
- The Bar signs in the original version say PUB, they are a Wine Glass and a bottle in the US one, and they says CAFE.
- A few monsters had some slight graphic changes; (US names) Critic, 2nd tier of last boss, Goddess, and the Esper, Starlet were modified a little (they were partially in the nude). Another enemy graphic was slightly changed, the Barb-e (and palette swaps look-alikes) had smoke coming out of their pipes.

* Misc. changes:
- Item names were limited to 8 characters in the original. In the US, they has been expanded to a limit of 12.
- Cayenne in the US had Machinery books. In the Japanese, he had a Machinery book and a porn mag!
- Ted Woolsey isn't in the Magic Armor mode7 credits screen.
- Money is Gil.
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