Fighting Force [Model SLUS-00433]

Sony PlayStation disc published 23 years ago by Eidos Interactive

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Fighting Force © 1997 Eidos Interactive.

Select your own destiny but be prepared to face the violent consequences of this raging beat-em-up. Standard gameplay allows either one or two players to follow the exploits of Hawk, Mace, Smasher and Alana as they obliterate multiple enemies that just don't give up. Discover new moves in order to progress through an incredible diversity of interior and exterior environments, that allows the player to use and abuse surrounding objects at will. Arena gameplay will find players battling it out head-to-head, using either special moves or surrounding objects against one another.
Game ID: SLUS-00433
Fighting Force was released on October 31, 1997 in the USA.

Export releases:
[EU] "Fighting Force [Model SLES-00731]"
[JP] "Metal Fist [Model SLPS-01164]"
Core Design, LTD.
Lead Programmer: Mark Avory
Lead Graphic Artist: Roberto Cirillo
Programmers: David Long, Neil Topham
Graphic Artists: Brian J. Flanagan, Jeremy Oldreive, Andrew Sandham, Gary Tonge, Darren Wakeman
Music & SFX: Martin Iveson
Additional Music: Anthony Wheeldon
Producer: Ken Lockley
Executive Producer: Jeremy Heath-Smith

Eidos Interactive
Producer: Mike Schmitt
Director of Development Operations: James Poole
Lead Tester: Michael McHale
Testing: Timothy Moore, Corey Fong, Jeremy Hunter, Phillip Baker, Eric W. Adams, John Arvay
Product Manager: Susan Boshkoff
Marketing Support: Gary Keith Brubaker, Paul Baldwin, Sutton Trout, Kelly Zavislak, Tricia Gray
Special Thanks: Marc Silvestri, Top Cow Productions
Extra Special Thanks: Adrian Smith, Jeremy Heath-Smith, Ken Lockley, Troy Horton, Andrew Thompson, Susie Hamilton, Mike McGarvey, Keith Boesky
Game's CD.